American Beer Day

An alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermentation from cereals, usually malted barley, and flavored with hops and the like fora slightly bitter taste.

For many of us the first, *Cough *Cough, underage drink we had was a sip of beer. Going to that one house party in high school, having to pay $2 to drink cheap, watered down brewskis, was the ‘IT’ thing.
As the average barley pop lover gets older, they move away from the watered down cheap beer, and learn to appreciate the craft of wheat processing. Especially growing up in San Diego, brew is a huge part of this cities’ society. With so many local breweries, it’s ok to have, let’s say, a spoiled palate for beer. The list for San Diego Breweries is pretty extravagant, so I have taken the liberty of listing our top successors:

Like with any alcoholic beverage, it takes time to acquire a taste for beer. There are many types of beer that you can choose from such as: Ales, Lagars, Stouts & Porters, and Malts. As for beer styles there are: Amber, Blonde, Brown, Cream, Dark, Fruit, Golden, Honey, India Pale Ale, Light, Lime, Pale, Pilsner, Red, Strong, and Wheat. Having a hard time choosing what type of brewski to have, or are totally new to the beer tasting scene? Here’s a chart to kind of help with your decision making:beer-is-always-the-right-answer_50290b1a296de

Another tip to beer drinking (especially while tasting variations), always ask for a glass of water. That way, when tasting between different styles and types, your taste buds are fresh and ready to try the new malt.

As with wine, there are ways to pour your hops; you don’t want too much foam, and you don’t want all the taste to fall to the bottom. This surely takes away from the steady art of craft beer. Here’s a simple inforgraphic as to how you should be pouring your hops, specifically from a tap, but the process still works the same when pouring from a bottle to a glass.


Come on in for Happier Hour today and take a taste of our American Beer on Tap and in bottle form, all from your local San Diego Breweries! What better way to try them all than with our Beer Flight!IMG_6173

Enjoy your craft with Le Parfait Paris!


Natalie – Le Parfait Paris


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